Sunday, 6 October 2013

Posy fails to spook in corners

Posy trotted off to a dressage competition at Duchy College, her second.  (She scored a very unimpressive 54% in her earlier effort).  This time Posy was uncharacteristically brave during the test and completely failed to spook in the corners, or neigh loudly throughout.  She was quite grown up and confined herself to peering out of the school every time she went past the open doors. 

Her greatly improved behaviour earned her two carrots and then Posy was left with a volunteer while She went to fetch the result.  She was away a long time as She had spotted a mistake in the scoring.  Posy was happy though as during the long wait she attracted a small crowd of admirers.   Finally, She emerged from the office triumphantly clutching a purple rosette.  Posy got 67% and came 6th out of a surprisingly strong field of 13.

While Posy has been strutting around, I have had to trot round and round the arena at home on the grounds that I am a Very Fat Boy and must have exercise.   This strikes me as gross hypocrisy on Her part. 
She plans to enter Hanuman in a show in a couple of weeks and started training for it today.  It has to be said that Hanuman trots up very nicely in hand, unlike his handler who cannot run and is left puffing along behind.  It is She that needs to do the training.   

Hanuman is hoping that he will get a better handler who can run so that he can win a rosette at the show.

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