Monday, 27 May 2013

Posy goes to the pub

She decided that Posy's education would be furthered by taking her out on her first social ride.  Instead of having just one companion, Posy had half a dozen, and it took her a while to find her place.  Several times Posy surged to the front to lead the pack, only to worry about whether that might be dangerous.
She tried going at the back with Daisy the cob.
Posy follows Daisy over the, potentially dangerous, Horse Bridge
Posy quickly got tired of Daisy's slow pace and decided to liven things up by giving her a good kicking.  This did not go down well and she got a lecture on the need to develop better social skills.  Posy finally decided that her place was just behind the leaders, striding along with the big horses, just pausing periodically to glower at the hapless Daisy, who was cowering at the back of the ride.

Activity with shovels outside the pub
Apart from the run-in with Daisy and some Diva-esque behaviour outside the pub, Posy generally acquitted herself well, and was particularly praised for ignoring Ruby One's repeated prancings and remaining calm throughout.


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hanuman is two years old today

Yes, today is the little fellow's birthday.  Just two years old and already designated a Young Achiever, having exceeded his performance targets for 2013.  Furthermore, as the only one who has not caused the vet to be summoned, Hanuman has also received the Horse of the Month accolade.

He was brought into the yard for a photo shoot, so that there would be a photographic record of how he is progressing.  Whatever his other achievements, Hanuman has failed to understand the importance of looking photogenic.

Hanuman advances on the photographer
Hanuman tries to look like a rescue case

Just taking the mickey now

Finally the boredom of it all sends him to sleep
 In Her efforts to make him look more grown up, She has chopped off much of his long, flowing locks, leaving him with a hairstyle that She describes as 'Edgy' but he describes as 'Embarrassing'.
Before - Hanuman as Fabio

After - it's a shame

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Posy avoids another dressage competition

With a dressage competition looming on Saturday, what better time to make yourself ill?  Posy presented yesterday with a pathetic expression and just stood in her stable, not eating or drinking, apparently unable to chew and/or swallow.  After hours and hours of not eating or drinking, Posy was feeling weak and wobbly.  Next thing, the vet had arrived and jabbed her with needles and stuck a tube up her nose, which wasn't very nice.  There was more jabbing with needles and X-Rays.  Eventually, the vet left and then Posy felt better and was able to force down some food.
Posy being very brave
The vet came back again today to stab Posy with needles again.  Apparently, the X-Rays are going to a consultant - news which made Her go pale at the thought of the cost.

With Posy out of action, Her eyes turned to me and I was saddled up and joined Freddie for a ride.  It was great to be in the woods again and it made me feel quite sprightly, so I have been promised more woodland outings.


Friday, 10 May 2013

Hanuman is a girlie swot

She was a little surprised to find that Hanuman had scored a generous 89% in his liberty class and had been placed 6th.  She actually received a pink 5th rosette which left Hanuman wishing he'd had the actual 6th rosette which might have been a more manly colour.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Posy injures herself

We haven't seen the vet for weeks, but Posy came in with an enormous lump on her jaw, so the vet came to visit us again.   
Posy loves the attention, but was less impressed when she was stabbed with needles and given medicine to eat. 
She had hired a lorry for a dressage outing the next day, something that was clearly not going to happen, so decided to use that for more loading practice instead.  I had to set a good example again, although was obliged to bang sharply on the partition when they forgot to give me my carrot.  Posy was keen to go into the lorry alongside me and we went for a drive round.  Posy thought it was less fearful with me in there and only neighed a few times.

She had been worried that little Hanuman would be nervous about being left at home on his own, and had visions of him charging up and down neighing and injuring himself.  When we arrived back we saw that, far from anxiously hanging round at the fence waiting for us, little Hanuman was in the far corner of the field munching grass.  He cantered up to greet us, still chewing.

He had a go in the lorry as well, and didn't even notice the noise when the engine was started because he and I were having a race to see who could finish their haylage first.  He is clearly made of sterner stuff than the sensitive Posy. 

It has become apparent that 'Travelling Companion' has been added to my job description.