Wednesday, 16 October 2013

We are left home alone

We were abandoned to fend for ourselves while She went off out for the day.  Her riding clubs chums left their cars here, but Hanuman was frustrated to find that they had parked too far away from the fence and he was unable to gnaw at the wing mirrors or prise off the hood ornaments, as is his wont.

We gather that the purpose of the day was to visit Heather Moffett and sit on vibrating machines practising hip motion.  Here She is, looking silly.

Apparently, She is very flexible, and so She should be for the amount of time She spends in the evenings lying on Her back waving Her legs in the air.  Although She claims She didn't learn a lot, She thoroughly enjoyed Her day out with Her chums.  Heather Moffett was also very entertaining, particularly on the subject of other dressage gurus.  She thought that SL bounced about in the saddle, MW had her legs too far back and had lost the plot with all her imagery, JR takes breathing to an extreme (and, by the way, she bought her horse already trained).  She didn't think much of EF who is very hard on his horses, and Parelli is OK if you want to turn your horse into a zombie (so true!).

At lunch time, they ate their sandwiches in the indoor school, while Heather Moffett entertained them riding a horse.  She rides in the Iberian style, where you use the bit to place the head, thus avoiding all the difficulty associated with trying to ride the horse onto the bit.  Although the bit was quite severe, there was little contact so the horse seemed quite happy.  Here is a brief snippet of the horse in training.

She was very taken with the horse.

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