Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bed rest for me!

She does seem fond of her vet because She keeps inviting him round.  Today they took X-Rays of my legs and while I was dozing put an injection in one of my hocks.  I was pleased to hear that I am to rest but it is bed rest in the stable which is boring, especially if you are left hunting for scraps.
After they had finished fussing with Posy, who has a snotty nose, I finally got something to eat.  Thus occupied, I could gaze out and watch them shaking their heads over Tilly who was gamely trotting up the yard on three legs.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Posy's first clear round

Posy came back to the stable full of herself because she had jumped a Clear Round, and proud that she had finally worked out that you weren't meant just to tackle whatever jump you were looking at, but were to jump them in the right order. 
I wasn't too impressed since the jumps were very tiny, her leapings rather erratic and it was at home and she hadn't had to face the terrors of an unknown venue.  She also had to trot around the corners.  If my hock hadn't been feeling a bit stiff, I would have demonstrated how to canter nicely round a course of big jumps.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Enlightened Equitation Clinic

An Enlightened Equitation Instructor (Level 1) came today to teach Her and a number of others how to ride more effectively.  She dreams of riding like Helen Langehanenberg was keen to improve.  She was a bit disappointed to be told that there wasn't a lot wrong with Her position. 

Next She took Her spurs off and I did a very good demonstration of what happens when your rider isn't wearing spurs - nothing. 
I plodded round slower and slower despite all Her efforts (ha, ha!). 

In the end, They decided that Her leg aids were too feeble and, unlike Helen Langehanenberg, Her legs too short to be able to wrap them round effectively. I had a very relaxing time and am looking forward to snoozing through the next session.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Legacy of The Games

After my dressage experience She thought it would be fun for me to venture across the main road and explore the other side.  I bravely coped with the field of donkeys and the malevolent park bench but froze in terror at the sight of a huge flock of cyclists heading my way.  I stayed rooted to the spot with my knees trembling as they swooshed past.  At least the front of the herd swooshed.  More and more went past and at long last the line thinned and comprised those who looked like they had been strangers to exercise since the last Olympics. 
She said that this cycling mania was a Legacy of The Games and would last approximately three weeks and I shouldn't be concerned.  Much against my better judgement I was persuaded to advance gingerly but there were cyclists hiding round every corner.  I was jolly glad to get home I can tell you.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

I am not Valegro

Inspired by the Gold medal winning dressage She has seen on TV, She dragged me off in the motorised cabin to Tall Trees arena to perform a freestyle to music.  I had expected to be indoors with gentle music being piped in the background, but no.  I found myself being piloted to a large outdoor arena strewn with long pieces of white plastic, some of which had been weighted down with concrete blocks to stop them blowing away in the strong winds.

I dutifully positioned myself at K while She imperiously waved her arm to start.  Then, horrors!  a terrible loud noise erupted from all around.  I didn't see how I could be expected to halt with all this cacophony going on, and then I trotted round with my head twirling around trying to see where all this awful noise was coming from.  It took about three minutes before I realised that the loud noise was coming out of each of the four corners, and later I realised that I was meant to be doing my dance and volunteered to do the stretchy trot thing just before the final halt.  Phew!  What a trauma.

Fortunately, She thought it was funny and I got carrots afterwards anyway.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Obstacle Course

She decided that it would be good for me to tackle an obstacle course.  She thinks that I will then become fearless in the face of flower tubs at dressage shows.
Here I am braving all manner of flags and flapping plastic strips

Then I had to push my way through some foam rollers

She has been watching the Olympics and decided that I should practice for a podium finish.

I didn't like to tell Her that the harmless bits of fluttering plastic at Carla's arena bear no relationship to the terrifying objects that can be found strewn around the arena at a show...