Monday, 28 May 2012

Poorly me

I was feeling a bit peaky myself this morning, in fact, I didn't even fancy my cornflakes which are normally very delicious.  She said that my temperature was 40.7 C and summoned a vet.  When he arrived, I conjured my most doleful expression so that he would prescribe a lot of time off for me.  I may have overdone it because next thing I was having needles stuck into me.  Not only a couple of injections, but also lots of small needles so that I looked like a porcupine.

She said that these needles Were Doing Me Good and then they took lots of photos.  I am to feature in a magazine illustrating the use of acupuncture in horses.  She said it was because I could be relied upon to stand still during the photo shoot, but I know that I was chosen for my rugged good looks and strong physique.  Being a model is a hard job with lots of standing about in various poses, trying to look ill, yet brave at the same time.  It seemed to take ages.  Then, finally, finally, the vet took the needles away and I was given a week off.  Hurrah!

Friday, 25 May 2012

My first flying change

Since Posy is out of action, She has been devising gymnastic exercises for me to do.  I managed my very first flying change - an excellent effort though I say so myself.

Sadly, I had difficulty repeating this feat since my legs seem to get in a knot.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Poorly Ponies

When both Posy and Hanuman stand in their stables with their heads down, ignoring all the food around them then there is clearly something wrong.  She flapped about taking their temperatures and I heard her say that Hanuman had a temperature of 40.3 C as she sped past to summon the vet.

The vet duly arrived.  Posy, finding herself with a captive audience, really hammed it up and was the most poorly and pathetic creature you have ever seen.  Posy was much lauded for braving all the injections like a real heroine.
Hanuman was less obliging.  He regards vets as the messengers of Satan who stick pointy needles into you, and he wasn't disappointed.  He takes each needle stab as an assault on his person and was outraged and tried to kick the vet.  I think this was a mistake because he should get the vet on his side in case he needs a sick note one day.  He skulked in the corner of his stable for a few minutes, and then inexplicably started feeling better.

They have a virus that tends to attack young horses which gives them a high fever for a day or two but then they should get better with rest and the help of their medicine.  I hung around fixing the vet with the pathetic look that Posy had used to such great effect, but I was ignored, so no time off for me.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hanuman's very first training session

Poor little Hanuman is only one year old, but She thought it would be fun to see what he made of some walking poles. 

I'm not sure that his efforts deserved two pieces of carrot; and it's not fair because I have to charge about for hours before I get any.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cornish Hedges

Spring is here which means that the hedgebanks are in full bloom.

While She is going along saying "hello clouds, hello sky, hello beautiful flowers", I have been partaking of Nature's bounty.  I have perfected the technique of going along with my mouth open and closing my teeth on the vegetation as I pass without missing a beat.

I like cow parsley, sorrel and field maple best, but the pink flowers are tasty too.  She says I will get even fatter, but She knows nothing.  These wayside plants are full of vitamins and make ideal nutritional supplements to the diet of a finely honed athlete like myself.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chewy hay

She has negotiated the purchase of some Canadian Orchard grass hay, which the seller assured her contained no timothy, was very cheap and, being two years old, had little food value - an essential part of her plan to make us all slimmer.

She nearly had heart failure when it arrrived as there was so little of it.  She calculated that weight for weight, the expensive rye grass haylage was actually cheaper.  Don't know why She was surprised given that it had come all the way from Canada.

The verdict round the yard is that it is very tasty, if rather chewy.  Then She discovered that 'orchard grass' is cocksfoot, which is one of the grasses which is not so good for me.  I am back on the expensive rye grass haylage, but it does mean that I finish mine long before the others have finished chewing on the Canadian stuff.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Posy has an exciting morning

I knew something was afoot when I was turned out without so much as a trot round the arena, and She spent an hour playing with Posy's mane and making little bobbles with her hair.  Then they went out and returned about three hours later.  Posy had a ribbon dangling from her bridle but said she had no idea how it got there.

Posy did say, though, that she had been to Lidwell where there were lots of horses in a yard, lots of horses in fields, more horses hanging around and then one horse at a time in a sand school.  It was so exciting that she was seized by the urge to rush madly about in random directions.  At one point she found herself in the sand school so rushed about in random directions in there as well.  Posy said she was vaguely aware of her rider  trying to steer her round the school but it really was too exciting to take much notice.

Posy did complain that having discovered an unattended tub of Horselyx outside a stable, she had not been allowed to eat it, which wasn't fair because They were all stuffing their faces with cake.