Sunday, 21 September 2014

Happy Sunday

I have been a little down since I have an eye infection which She says is because I keep throwing off my fly mask and then losing it.  Today I suffered the indignity of having the fly mask strapped to my head with duct tape.  I just hope She has a plan for getting it off again.
A trailer came into the yard and I was greatly cheered to find that I was to accompany a four year old to the riding club's western trail clinic.  I pranced my way there and I'm sure she was very impressed. 
I am keen to impress my new young friend
Less impressed was Maddy, a roan mare who squealed at me every time I so much as looked at her.
I bravely tested the home-made 'bridge' obstacle and it was agreed that since it had withstood my weight, it would be safe for the others.  Then I demonstrated some nimble footwork turning in a tiny pole square (Maddy squealed her approval).  In the end I gave a master class on how to tackle the 'pattern' - no-one else could match my turns at canter.  By this stage Maddy was squealing at me when I didn't look at her, so I think she had been trying to attract my attention all along.

Then I had to escort my young friend back and bid her farewell as she was loaded to go home.  I have to say that she was very brave standing in the trailer for some considerable time while her owner did multi-point turns in the yard.

Now it's back to the serious business of keeping the grass in the field tidy and under control...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hanuman goes back to school

Following the long summer holidays, young Hanuman is now going round the yard learning the three Ss - Starting, Stopping and Steering. 
Posy and I have been sniggering from our stables as the little fellow has lessons.  Initially he sprinted about in random directions, but that didn't earn him any peppermints.  Then he tried going backwards but that didn't get rewarded either.  Now he has figured out that he is supposed to wander about, allowing himself to be directed and then stopping to receive peppermints at intervals.
This video just shows him ambling about, but we were impressed at the way he strolled up to the mounting block on his own and waited patiently for Her to get on.

Nonetheless, Posy and I were pretty put out at how easily he was earning peppermints.  We have to go sideways for ours these days.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I am the Main Man

Posy had been entered in a dressage contest but the weather was so wet and windy She decided that I would have to go  instead.  Considering that I was dripping wet on arrival I thought I put in a very creditable performance (2nd & 3rd).
I look through the doors to see if it is still raining (it was)
Now it seems that Posy is considered too delicate to go to any more dressage contests, so all the responsibility rests on my ample shoulders.

This weekend I went to an affiliated competition at Tall Trees Arena.  I am now collecting a fan club there as well and stand around looking handsome while people hug me.  I had to leave my admirers to perform some dressage for which I was awarded 65% in the Prelim.  She says this is a respectable score for a horse of my configuration, and She now feels confident to tackle a Novice level music class.  It has become clear that I am now the Main Man and must be the front runner for the Horse of the Month Award.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

We are left Home Alone

Yes, we were left to fend for ourselves while She went out with Her chums to watch a Dressage to Music Demo.  We were a bit anxious about what it would mean for us if She came back with some wild ideas.  As it turned out, She was a bit underwhelmed and admitted that She shouldn't have watched the World Championship immediately before going to the local demo.

She says that She learned several important things -

  1. Make sure that your music is clearly audible
  2. If you use a radio mic make sure that it doesn't crackle and drown out any music that is playing
  3. A hyperactive rider does not give a good impression
  4. Freestyles are best done indoors where it doesn't rain
A fun pas de deux by local riders
She got to try sitting on a side saddle (and we are relieved the hear that She didn't feel as secure as all that and has decided not to make us all wear one).  She forgot all about Her damp knees though when She won first prize in the obligatory raffle and came back clutching a bottle of expensive champagne.