Sunday, 22 September 2013

Posy braves a new venue

Once more I was press ganged into baby sitting for Posy while she went to Tall Trees Arena - a new venue for her.  It was boring standing by the lorry while Posy was persuaded to go into the indoor school, leaving me no alternative but to munch my way through her unattended haynet.
Posy found the whole thing rather alarming and came last in both her classes, but, curiously, still managed to come away with some glitzy ribbon.

This seemed to mollify her somewhat when she got back to find that her haynet was empty.

There was a video of Posy's performance, but it took Her 24 hours before She could bear to watch it.  I gather that the overall impression was one of a just backed four year old being coaxed round its first competition.  This had Her sighing, but She cheered herself up by looking at Posy's neck development.  Below are pictures of her neck as an unbroken two year old and as at now. 

She is convinced that a convex arch is developing and thinks that Udo Burger would be pleased, so maybe it's not as bad as all that.

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