Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Baby Brother!

Posy and I were locked out of the yard all day today while She flapped about and vets came and went.  When we were finally allowed back in, the reason for Tilly's recent odd behaviour became very clear.  She has produced a baby brother for Posy and I!  We craned our necks over the stable door to get a good look, but Tilly bit us.  I managed to see this much -
This is Hanuman.  He has wobbly legs and tried to buck but fell over on his head instead - ha ha!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Posy gets rosette!

Given her performance yesterday, I was surprised to see Posy prancing around today showing off a rosette.
Closer inspection showed that the rosette had the word 'Special' written on it.

That explains it.  These are given out by riding clubs to horses who come last, to stop their owners from crying. 
When you enter a proper TREC Indoor competition, you can get a rosette with COMPLETED written on it in gold letters.  I won one and it means that I did Really Well.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Posy attempts Horse Agility

Posy has been full of herself today.  She was entered for the SCADRA horse agility class.  It must have been for beginners, obviously, otherwise I would have been chosen.  Ever the drama queen, Posy claimed that there were fierce bears at the far end of the arena, making it far too dangerous to go there.  I know for a fact that there were no bears at all, and it was just a ruse to make herself look brave and collect extra carrots.  I can't believe that Posy got a carrot just for standing still while She opened an umbrella!

Posy got her legs in a knot in the bending section and She herself tripped over the poles in the S Bend and they made a dog's breakfast of the corridor.  Below is a video clip of their efforts.  They aren't very good really.