Saturday, 12 October 2013

Posy goes show jumping

Posy went off to Duchy College to take part in a show jumping contest.  It was very busy with horses and ponies running about everywhere, not all of them behaving well.  As she went into the warm up, another competitor was coming out saying "I'm getting out of here before I get killed".  Posy showed what six generations of Royal Dutch breeding can do and stuck her nose in the air and refused to take any notice of the common types darting all around her, choosing instead to spook at a distant hedge.

Unfazed by all the mayhem, when it was her turn, Posy delivered a convincing clear round, earning a well deserved carrot.  Then there was a lot of hanging around, then she had to go in again.  Posy was a bit nonplussed to find that She missed out a couple of jumps and slowed down to see if She wanted to go back and jump the jumps She'd missed, but She didn't, so Posy carried on and cleared all the rest, earning herself another carrot.  There was more hanging around, then it was announced that Posy had placed fifth, so she proudly lined up for the prize giving.  Posy rifled through the presentation basket but there were no horse treats in there, just bits of ribbon, which was very disappointing.  She had to have a consolation peppermint afterwards. 

Sadly, there was no video of Posy's efforts at the show, but there is some of her practising at home. 

Her jumping does seem to be coming on rather better than her dressage.

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