Thursday, 31 October 2013

I go to a Halloween Party

I got my annual haircut the other day, so I no longer look like a woolly bear, but have been clipped and turned into a sleek, sophisticated horse-about-town.  Little wonder, then, that the party invitations have started rolling in.

My attendance was required at the Halloween gymkhana and She was invited to come along too and judge the best costume.  When I arrived I found that Poppy and I had both been kitted out in the same devil horns.  There were also two children both wearing Dracula capes purchased from the same local supermarket.  We all agreed to pretend that we hadn't noticed.

A potentially awkward social situation with duplicate outfits
When the races commenced, we could only stand to one side and marvel at the competitiveness of the parents. 

She became a bit nervous about whether there would be repercussions over Her choice of Best Outfit, especially as a goodie bag of chocolate was at stake.  In the end, She opted for the older Dracula child on the grounds that he had gone to the trouble of having his face painted, and that the smaller Dracula child would, in any event, be unable to see what was going on.

She helped herself to a handful of chocolate spiders and I swiftly carried Her home, before there could be any discussions with the parents of the girls in skeleton costumes.

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