Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hanuman is a video star

Hanuman has just been filmed doing his Horse Agility Starter class entry.  She was gushing about how good he was for only 21 months old, etc., etc. 
The snow made the ground surprisingly crunchy, but Hanuman felt that he had coped well.  She wasn't very good as She stood on the edge of the hula hoop, when everyone knows that you have to stand inside it.  She made a few other mistakes, but Hanuman is fairly confident that he is on the way to achieving his performance target and the bucket load of carrots that will surely follow.

Friday, 18 January 2013

We are all reindeer now

First snow of this winter. We have food in our stables but it gets boring after a while. Everyone knows that the best food is that which you have found yourself. We have been snuffling through the snow like reindeer and found that there is grass underneath which is good to eat.  We are all getting a holiday and rolling about in the snow is fun.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Posy's Busy Afternoon

Posy went to a riding club gymkhana, accompanied by Ruby Too (not to be confused with Ruby the ex-show jumper).  It was in the indoor school with mirrors, only this time there were a number of small children running around and some ponies trotting back and forth.  It was all very interesting, although Posy wasn't allowed to play with the fire extinguishers for fear they go off.

Then Posy and Ruby had to walk in and out of some cones several times, but Posy stopped halfway because she'd found something interesting to sniff thus handing victory to Ruby.
Posy still got peppermints even though she didn't win, because she was calm and well behaved.
After all the excitement, Posy had to carry Her home again, so was quite tired when she got back.  Still, she is already ahead in her performance targets which makes her very smug indeed.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

My First Jumping Lesson

I have just had my first jumping lesson, or rather She had the lesson while I gave a masterclass.  The Instructor's verdict was that I have more jump than She'll ever need.  I think this means that She is likely to fall off before the fences get too big for me.  Highlights from my performance can be seen below.  At the end I leap over 3'1" (94 cm) and She manages to stay on.

She has also made a video of Posy's progress but it is boring and the jumps are small.   She was pleased that Posy made nothing of the wall and was Very Brave.

Today She took delivery of some Hula Hoops for Hanuman's Horse Agility, we are worried that She is taking the Performance Targets very seriously.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Mission 2013

She has decided that to secure our funding for 2013, we will all have to commit to Performance Targets.

My main objective for the year is to 'have fun', I think this means that I charge about leaping over obstacles whilst She bounces up and down on my back shouting "Good Boy!".  My specific Performance Targets are:
  • To complete at least one Hunter Trial in 2013
  • To continue my show jumping career and get a double clear in 85 cm Starters by end of 2013
Posy's main objective is to complete Phase 2 of her bravery training and her specific Performance Targets are:
  • To participate in at least one event away from home per month
  • To be relaxed and well behaved at shows by the end of 2013
Hanuman's main objective is grow up without injuring himself, but training-wise his specific Performance Target is:
  • To compete successfully (>60%) in at least two Horse Agility classes
Phew, even Hanuman has to work for a living.
Hanuman studies his Performance Targets

and then eats them