Sunday, 9 February 2014

New Show Jumps

She is very pleased because She has acquired some new asymmetrical fillers.

As soon as it stopped raining and the wind speed reduced enough for them to stay upright, Posy had to go out and jump them.  Posy said they were pretty easy and this time she didn't feel the need to fling Her over first.

Next, I had to trot round the arena, but the vet said that I wasn't supposed to jump.  Pah!  The vet knows nothing, and fortified by my minty breakfast, I wanted to have a go.  She thought that perhaps a little jump wouldn't hurt me, so to show my enthusiasm I charged about, made a magnificent leap and did a plunging celebration afterwards.  This seemed to take Her by surprise and next thing I know She is sitting on my head.  Instead of tipping Her off onto the ground, I gallantly put my head up and tipped Her back into the plate.

Saved by me!

She says I cannot jump again unless I promise to behave myself.