Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Wrong Trousers

She arranged to take Hanuman to his very first show, an in-hand class.  She had been thinking about what to wear, and after watching the Dutch and German youngstock shows, She decided that white trousers are de rigeur and that since She had to wear a jacket, a navy one would look smart.  Even Hanuman could have pointed out that we do not live on the continent but on a small island which has a fondness for tweed jackets paired with dark trousers.

I was tasked to supervise Hanuman and provide reassurance both for the lorry journey and at the show venue.  I escorted Hanuman and one of his two-year-old friends round the warm up arena until they had all settled down.  Then I waited at a discreet distance, giving off calming vibes, while he was in the ring.  Actually, he was super brave and strode confidently round and trotted out perfectly.  Below is a bit of video of his show ring performance, although the trotting parts are missing.  There are five horses being led round by ladies in tweed and Hanuman being led round by an off duty show jumper.

Hanuman was placed second, although he felt that had his handler not worn the wrong trousers, or turned him round incorrectly, he might have been placed first.  She was oblivious to Her own sartorial and procedural failures and was just bursting with pride at Hanuman's performance. 
Personally, I felt that my reassuring presence was responsible for his good behaviour and I did get apples and peppermints in recognition of my contribution to the day's success.

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