Monday, 27 May 2013

Posy goes to the pub

She decided that Posy's education would be furthered by taking her out on her first social ride.  Instead of having just one companion, Posy had half a dozen, and it took her a while to find her place.  Several times Posy surged to the front to lead the pack, only to worry about whether that might be dangerous.
She tried going at the back with Daisy the cob.
Posy follows Daisy over the, potentially dangerous, Horse Bridge
Posy quickly got tired of Daisy's slow pace and decided to liven things up by giving her a good kicking.  This did not go down well and she got a lecture on the need to develop better social skills.  Posy finally decided that her place was just behind the leaders, striding along with the big horses, just pausing periodically to glower at the hapless Daisy, who was cowering at the back of the ride.

Activity with shovels outside the pub
Apart from the run-in with Daisy and some Diva-esque behaviour outside the pub, Posy generally acquitted herself well, and was particularly praised for ignoring Ruby One's repeated prancings and remaining calm throughout.


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