Thursday, 16 May 2013

Posy avoids another dressage competition

With a dressage competition looming on Saturday, what better time to make yourself ill?  Posy presented yesterday with a pathetic expression and just stood in her stable, not eating or drinking, apparently unable to chew and/or swallow.  After hours and hours of not eating or drinking, Posy was feeling weak and wobbly.  Next thing, the vet had arrived and jabbed her with needles and stuck a tube up her nose, which wasn't very nice.  There was more jabbing with needles and X-Rays.  Eventually, the vet left and then Posy felt better and was able to force down some food.
Posy being very brave
The vet came back again today to stab Posy with needles again.  Apparently, the X-Rays are going to a consultant - news which made Her go pale at the thought of the cost.

With Posy out of action, Her eyes turned to me and I was saddled up and joined Freddie for a ride.  It was great to be in the woods again and it made me feel quite sprightly, so I have been promised more woodland outings.


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