Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hanuman is two years old today

Yes, today is the little fellow's birthday.  Just two years old and already designated a Young Achiever, having exceeded his performance targets for 2013.  Furthermore, as the only one who has not caused the vet to be summoned, Hanuman has also received the Horse of the Month accolade.

He was brought into the yard for a photo shoot, so that there would be a photographic record of how he is progressing.  Whatever his other achievements, Hanuman has failed to understand the importance of looking photogenic.

Hanuman advances on the photographer
Hanuman tries to look like a rescue case

Just taking the mickey now

Finally the boredom of it all sends him to sleep
 In Her efforts to make him look more grown up, She has chopped off much of his long, flowing locks, leaving him with a hairstyle that She describes as 'Edgy' but he describes as 'Embarrassing'.
Before - Hanuman as Fabio

After - it's a shame

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