Saturday, 4 May 2013

Posy injures herself

We haven't seen the vet for weeks, but Posy came in with an enormous lump on her jaw, so the vet came to visit us again.   
Posy loves the attention, but was less impressed when she was stabbed with needles and given medicine to eat. 
She had hired a lorry for a dressage outing the next day, something that was clearly not going to happen, so decided to use that for more loading practice instead.  I had to set a good example again, although was obliged to bang sharply on the partition when they forgot to give me my carrot.  Posy was keen to go into the lorry alongside me and we went for a drive round.  Posy thought it was less fearful with me in there and only neighed a few times.

She had been worried that little Hanuman would be nervous about being left at home on his own, and had visions of him charging up and down neighing and injuring himself.  When we arrived back we saw that, far from anxiously hanging round at the fence waiting for us, little Hanuman was in the far corner of the field munching grass.  He cantered up to greet us, still chewing.

He had a go in the lorry as well, and didn't even notice the noise when the engine was started because he and I were having a race to see who could finish their haylage first.  He is clearly made of sterner stuff than the sensitive Posy. 

It has become apparent that 'Travelling Companion' has been added to my job description.

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