Monday, 3 June 2013

Zero to Hero

Just lately, She has been putting powdered Polo mints into my breakfast.  There is a faint taste of something else as well, but it's mostly mint flavour, yum.

Me, this morning, traces of delicious minty breakfast are still visible
Posy was due to go to another dressage contest yesterday, so imagine Her horror when Posy came in with a slightly swollen hock and Not Looking Right at All.  Next thing, I am being dragged out of the field, given a swift bath and haircut, and taken up to Duchy College.  She said that, if I felt up to it, the judge might as well watch me plod round as watch an empty space.  I was very excited to be going to a party again and my feet have been feeling much more comfy of late. 
With no warm up and no idea of what the test was, I went into the arena and gave it my best shot and tried very hard to impress the judge.  We got 64% which She thought was very creditable under the circumstances and given some 'dire' turns.  She was thrilled with my efforts and I got lots of carrots for trying very hard.  I met a number of my admirers and I was very reluctant to leave.

Thanks to Posy's being inattentive and accident prone, I have regained my 'Most Favoured Horse' status.  Ha! 

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