Thursday, 4 September 2014

We are left Home Alone

Yes, we were left to fend for ourselves while She went out with Her chums to watch a Dressage to Music Demo.  We were a bit anxious about what it would mean for us if She came back with some wild ideas.  As it turned out, She was a bit underwhelmed and admitted that She shouldn't have watched the World Championship immediately before going to the local demo.

She says that She learned several important things -

  1. Make sure that your music is clearly audible
  2. If you use a radio mic make sure that it doesn't crackle and drown out any music that is playing
  3. A hyperactive rider does not give a good impression
  4. Freestyles are best done indoors where it doesn't rain
A fun pas de deux by local riders
She got to try sitting on a side saddle (and we are relieved the hear that She didn't feel as secure as all that and has decided not to make us all wear one).  She forgot all about Her damp knees though when She won first prize in the obligatory raffle and came back clutching a bottle of expensive champagne.

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