Sunday, 21 September 2014

Happy Sunday

I have been a little down since I have an eye infection which She says is because I keep throwing off my fly mask and then losing it.  Today I suffered the indignity of having the fly mask strapped to my head with duct tape.  I just hope She has a plan for getting it off again.
A trailer came into the yard and I was greatly cheered to find that I was to accompany a four year old to the riding club's western trail clinic.  I pranced my way there and I'm sure she was very impressed. 
I am keen to impress my new young friend
Less impressed was Maddy, a roan mare who squealed at me every time I so much as looked at her.
I bravely tested the home-made 'bridge' obstacle and it was agreed that since it had withstood my weight, it would be safe for the others.  Then I demonstrated some nimble footwork turning in a tiny pole square (Maddy squealed her approval).  In the end I gave a master class on how to tackle the 'pattern' - no-one else could match my turns at canter.  By this stage Maddy was squealing at me when I didn't look at her, so I think she had been trying to attract my attention all along.

Then I had to escort my young friend back and bid her farewell as she was loaded to go home.  I have to say that she was very brave standing in the trailer for some considerable time while her owner did multi-point turns in the yard.

Now it's back to the serious business of keeping the grass in the field tidy and under control...

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