Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hanuman goes back to school

Following the long summer holidays, young Hanuman is now going round the yard learning the three Ss - Starting, Stopping and Steering. 
Posy and I have been sniggering from our stables as the little fellow has lessons.  Initially he sprinted about in random directions, but that didn't earn him any peppermints.  Then he tried going backwards but that didn't get rewarded either.  Now he has figured out that he is supposed to wander about, allowing himself to be directed and then stopping to receive peppermints at intervals.
This video just shows him ambling about, but we were impressed at the way he strolled up to the mounting block on his own and waited patiently for Her to get on.

Nonetheless, Posy and I were pretty put out at how easily he was earning peppermints.  We have to go sideways for ours these days.

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