Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I am the Main Man

Posy had been entered in a dressage contest but the weather was so wet and windy She decided that I would have to go  instead.  Considering that I was dripping wet on arrival I thought I put in a very creditable performance (2nd & 3rd).
I look through the doors to see if it is still raining (it was)
Now it seems that Posy is considered too delicate to go to any more dressage contests, so all the responsibility rests on my ample shoulders.

This weekend I went to an affiliated competition at Tall Trees Arena.  I am now collecting a fan club there as well and stand around looking handsome while people hug me.  I had to leave my admirers to perform some dressage for which I was awarded 65% in the Prelim.  She says this is a respectable score for a horse of my configuration, and She now feels confident to tackle a Novice level music class.  It has become clear that I am now the Main Man and must be the front runner for the Horse of the Month Award.

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