Monday, 2 December 2013

Posy does more jumping

She has decided that Posy needs to go to more show jumping contests so that she will become more sanguine about the hanging around waiting for her turn.  Posy says that she can tolerate half an hour, but after that gets increasingly desperate to do something and has to whizz round and round the warm up arena to let off steam.
Posy did redeem herself with a sparkling second place in one contest.  The other wasn't quite so successful.  Perhaps, in part, due to her rider becoming frazzled after an incident in the collecting ring when, just after jumping the practice fence, someone cantered across their path.  Posy reacted quickly to avoid a collision, but She was too surprised to react at all and fell off.  Posy was left wondering whether she should get a more reliable rider, one who didn't keep falling on the ground.
There are pictures from this show that She is too mean to buy, again.  She thought that She looked quite composed for someone who had come to grief in the collecting ring two minutes earlier.

Posy's charm, good looks and enthusiasm for jumping has earned her a couple of fans among the equine students.

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