Sunday, 10 November 2013

Posy behaving badly

She took Posy to a show jumping contest today, which proved to be very well supported.  It was so popular that there was a long wait before Posy got her turn.  Posy was very good for the first half hour.  After 45 minutes of waiting, she became irritated at the lack of action and was pawing the ground and stamping her feet.  After an hour of waiting, Posy went into full blown tantrum mode and pranced about on her hind legs. 
Her 'hi-ho Silver' impersonations did serve to scatter the onlookers and clear a path towards the show jumping ring.  Finally, finally it was Posy's turn, and she duly jumped a clear round.  Fortunately, it wasn't too long before the jump off.  Nobody told Posy that the jumps had gone up, so she was caught out by the first one and knocked it down, then she just as she was releasing all that pent up energy over jump three and working herself up into warp speed towards the fourth, she found herself turning and having to jump number six instead.  It was all very confusing, but she cleared the rest and earned a carrot.  Posy also got a lecture on being patient at show jumping contests and not standing on her hind legs when she gets bored.

Furthermore, earlier this week Posy demonstrated that she isn't as bold as all that.  Witness her reaction to the new viaduct wall filler.

She won't be buying Posy one of those show jumping ear hats just yet...

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