Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Review of 2013

We hoped that She had forgotten that She set us performance targets for 2013, but no, she hasn't, and we have all had Performance Reviews.

I have been let off my performance targets because of having arthritis in my forefeet as well as my hock, but I was graded 'Very Good', both for my expert baby sitting and for stepping into the breach when Posy was indisposed and prancing round a dressage test in her place and Doing Very Well.

Posy has been graded 'Could Do Better'.  Although she has made it to a fair number of shows, her tendency to run round neighing and not pay attention means that she has performed well below her ability.  Only Posy's show jumping successes have saved her from an outright 'Fail'.

This leaves Hanuman, who has been given 'Horse of the Year' Award.  Not only has he managed to avoid permanently maiming himself, but he also waltzed through his Horse Agility tests and then exceeded expectations by putting in a sparkling performance at his very first show.

We are waiting with some trepidation while She works out next year's performance targets for us all.

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