Sunday, 15 December 2013

The ride that wasn't and Hanuman has ear trouble

My services were required a couple of days ago to babysit for Posy on a lorry journey.  I was then abandoned in a stable while Posy went off to practice her prancing, so I made sure everyone heard about my displeasure, before consoling myself with the contents of the haynet. 
I was then promised a fun ride to make up for having to do babysitting duties, only to find that She decided, after a very short period, that I would be unable to keep up and would have to go home.  Actually, I am sure that She was less concerned about my welfare, and more concerned about scrambling about on an exposed granite outcrop in gale force winds. 
Kit Hill, Callington, Cornwall c Martin Bodman

We noted that She still managed to drink the mulled wine and eat snacks by the simple expedient of inviting the ride round to ours to have their refreshment break.  We can be seen in the background of this cctv snip, checking anxiously to make sure that we didn't miss out on any horse treats.  And no, they had selfishly bought themselves food and drink and got nothing for their mounts.  Shame on them.

Poor Hanuman had a fright today because he was unable to work one of his ears properly.  His left ear could move normally, but the right one had very limited movement.  She had to rescue him and remove the headcollar causing the problem.  Hanuman had no idea how it got stuck on his ear like that.

Posy denies making mischief

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