Monday, 8 July 2013

Posy is well behaved and eats fruit cake

Poor Posy had to go to the local riding club's dressage contest in the boiling heat of yesterday.  The heat may explain why Posy was relatively subdued in her performance and failed to run about neighing at the top of her voice.

Although, this time, Posy hadn't actually incapacitated herself in time for the dressage contest, one side of her mouth was a bit swollen, so She decided to ride Posy in a hackamore.  Under the circumstances, She was well pleased with Posy's efforts and rewarded her with fruit cake and carrots. 
Later, as they were waiting for their second go, the judge rushed up to Her and Posy and gushed to the effect that Posy had paces to die for and that if she, the judge, could just have Posy for six weeks then Posy would be out there in affiliated competitions, winning everything.  Apparently oblivious to the offence these remarks were causing, she continued "you must ride her rounder".  When She asked how this might be achieved, the judge suggested draw reins or a bungee.  At this point Her lower lip stopped wobbling and Her jaw stiffened and Her lips pressed tightly together.  Luckily, the arrival of the next competitor saved the situation.
In the second test Posy was rather tense, worrying about what the judge would say about her neck position.

But she got through it and earned some applause and carrots at the end, plus a couple of blue ribbons.  Overall, She seemed well pleased with Posy, not because it was great dressage but because, in spite of the dangerous corner, Posy was calm throughout and tried to do the right thing.

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