Sunday, 23 June 2013

I set a Good Example once more

She has decided that Posy needs more trips to dressage contests, to further her education.  I was enlisted as Travel Companion and Good Example.  Once I am in the lorry, Posy goes in straight away, although she did complain loudly a number of times on the way to our destination.  Once there, I showed her how to make the best of the situation by munching your way through as much haylage as possible.
I advised Posy how to handle judges at dressage contests.  I find it best to amble up to the judge and look sweet and friendly.  With the judge's heart thus melted, one can collect a string of '7's without exerting oneself too much and get comments like "What a lovely horse, he appears so gentle and willing", and this secures you a ribbon and carrots.

Sadly, Posy did not take my advice and ran about neighing.  Her comments read "Posy appeared rather distracted and tense at times." 
The video 'highlights' below show Her attempting a 20m circle in canter whilst Posy spotted that something was going on in the canteen (She muttered darkly afterwards that they were preparing horse burgers), the part where Posy trots briskly towards 'B' was meant to be a free walk on a long rein.  At regular intervals, Posy neighs loudly to make sure everyone knew what a horrible time she was having.

Rather surprisingly, Posy didn't come last and got some ribbons too, although She has no idea how that could have happened.  The loading problems experienced at Posy's last outing didn't materialise, since as soon as I went into the lorry, Posy tried to climb in beside me.  Overall, She decided that Posy was slightly better than last time, but I, of course, was the hero of the day.

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