Sunday, 21 July 2013

Posy and I disgrace ourselves

In spite of all the heat and biting flies, Posy and I were dragged off to a dressage contest in the motorised cabin.  I was meant to be setting a good example, but I thought it would be more fun to neigh and stamp about and wind up Posy.  In her first test Posy was so wound up that she charged round neighing and refusing to go anywhere near the corners.  Heh, heh. 

When it was my turn, I ambled into the school and went over to charm the judge when I spotted a couple of mugs of coffee.  On investigation these turned out to be very unstable and spilled all over the test sheets.  This seemed to cause a bit of a fuss, but eventually I got to do my test.  I was trotting across the diagonal when I suddenly noticed a sparkly bit on the floor and stopped and put my head down to investigate.  Afterwards I was told that I had disgraced myself.

Meanwhile, Posy had been neighing and running back and forth on the end of a rope while I was in the indoor school.  This was for quite a long time due to the delay while they found some paper towels and mopped the coffee from the test sheets.  That didn't improve Posy's mental state, so when she went in to do the second test, Posy was still agitated and neighing. 

She pointed out that all the other horses were standing quietly and we were the only ones neighing and acting up.  Furthermore, our execrable performances had made Her look like the world's most ineffective rider and we are now both In Disgrace.  

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