Sunday, 14 July 2013

Heather Moffett Demo

We were abandoned to stew in the heat in our fly costumes while She went off to see a Heather Moffett demo and help serve the drinks at the barbecue afterwards. 
When She came back later, She admitted that the demo wasn't as exciting as She'd hoped.  The horse borrowed for the occasion had developed a hollow way of going over many years so the miracle of a new saddle and a different rider really didn't make that much difference; indeed, why should it?  The recalcitrant horse was marched off to have a Pelham bit inserted, and the change of bit did eventually bring the horse's nose in, but didn't make her relaxed through the back; indeed, why would it?
She thinks that Heather Moffett has a lot to offer teaching about rider position, and we hear that there are plans afoot to organise lessons via the riding club.  Posy certainly thinks She could ride better! 
Nonetheless, She is not a great fan of the over-bitted Iberian style which makes the horses seem very stuffy.  Posy, too, would much rather charge round her arena in gay abandon, than shuffle about awkwardly wearing a lot of ironmongery. 
We hear that the barbecue was a great success, although Her plans to be in the cool dispensing drinks to the hot and thirsty went a bit wrong as the barbecue was set up next to Her, and She had to swelter along with everyone else.

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