Saturday, 6 April 2013

Unhappy Feet

Recently, I have been struggling to keep up with Freddie, who goes at the speed of a snail.  Normally, it is my wont to rush up behind him and bite him on the bottom to make him go faster, but my feet have been giving me gyp.  She decided that I need total rest and took my shoes off.  I promptly got abscesses, so She called the vet out to make holes in my foot.  Then I have to have a poultice on, and my foot in wrapped in nappies and covered in duct tape.
Winnie the Pooh nappies, the humiliation of it
This seems to have gone on for ages and she got the vet back to take X-Rays.  They discovered that I have sprouted side bones (presumably these go with your front bones and back bones and help to keep your foot in place).  Furthermore I have calcification of a ligament thingy and arthritis in my pedal bone and coffin joint.  This means that I am confined to the field for the duration.  To make up for not getting the cross country outings I was promised, I have been promoted and given the extra responsibility of patrolling the field looking out for stray ballistic missiles marked 'DPRK'.
Meanwhile, She has gone indoors crying.  The vet seems to have that effect on Her.

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