Thursday, 18 April 2013

I set a Good Example

She has been getting anxious about Posy not wanting to travel, so She hired the lorry and decided that today we would have loading practice.

Of course, I had to Set a Good Example and go in first, which I did immediately and got my carrot reward.  Then Hanuman came in next to me straight away because he felt brave with me there.

Hanuman feels brave

Hanuman checks out his haynet...

...and then decides that mine must be more delicious
We disembarked from the lorry and then it was Posy's turn.  She took some persuasion but then went in and out a number of times.  Because Posy looked very anxious she was fed a vast quantity of treats and carrots to soothe her furrowed brow.  
Hanuman and I were Very Well Behaved but only got one carrot each, it's not fair.

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