Thursday, 11 April 2013

Posy makes slow progress

With me taking a bit of a rest, Posy has had to step into my shoes, which are a bit too big for her to fill.  Posy finds that her time in the arena is spent dealing with the thousands of thoughts constantly coming into her brain, whilst also looking around her for anything which might be of more interest than what She is trying to get her to do.  The result has Her sighing and complaining that Posy is Not Paying Attention.  She has resorted to getting help from Mandy, although I suspect that this is as much to cheer Her up as anything.  Meanwhile, Posy has discovered that if she puts her neck down every now and again people are pleased and she buys more time for day dreaming.  The video below shows how things are going (i.e. slowly).

Last weekend, Posy was taken to another dressage contest because it would be Good Experience.  Posy thought it was a bit worrying, but not as terrifying as her last outing.
Posy is surprised to see a man with a camera hiding in the corner

She congratulates Posy on getting through the whole test without neighing once

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