Thursday, 21 March 2013

Posy has a horrible experience

Today Posy went off in the motorised cabin to St Leonards for her dressage debut.  Posy did not think much of travelling in a lorry and complained loudly all the way there.  On arrival, she was horrified to find it was windy, there were all sorts of alarming distractions and, horror of horrors, she was expected to get her dainty toes wet in the underwater warm up arena.  Well, no self-respecting Royal Dutch Warmblood of impeccable pedigree would put up with such a thing. 
When Posy went into a bigger arena there was a peacock in a hutch and all manner of horrors strewn around and it was all too much for a horse of her sensibility and she became quite upset.  A flavour of the performance can be seen in this video - She says it was horrendous.  She also says that Her awful riding was due to Posy being so agitated and that it was difficult to look graceful on a tense horse that was neighing all the time.

In spite of her ordeal, Posy then proved strangely reluctant to leave and it took Her an hour to coax her back into the lorry.
She is fervently hoping that Posy will become more relaxed when she has more outings.  Assuming that she will get back into the lorry, that is.

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