Sunday, 2 December 2012

Posy wins Bravery Award

Posy has just earned a large carrot as a reward for her bravery in hacking all the way to Duchy College by herself, through Stoke Climsland village, past the Post Office, Christmas lights and landslide and, then, courageously wandering around the small indoor school.

A year ago, I remember watching with amusement as Posy was led out, with Freddie the cob in front, only to return two minutes later.  She would only go a few hundred yards down the road before she was trembling with fear and had to be led back home again.  It has been slow, but Posy has gradually grown in confidence, and this video shows the culmination of a year's worth of bravery training. 

She is delighted with Posy's progress, and I have to admit that I was not so brave at indoor schools, in fact, I distinctly remember trying to escape from them on several occasions.  In this video our chum Ariel is looking pretty unenthusiastic; I don't think he is buying into the rope waggling business.

Nowadays I am quite brave of course, and, not to be left out, I was taken to a Christmas show jumping event the following day.  The jumps seemed slightly bigger than I remembered and the last fence looked particularly dangerous, so I ballooned it and threw Her up in the air (tee hee).  Happily, She landed back in the saddle and not on the floor, so I got a carrot and She got a ribbon, and is very happy with the weekend's work.

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