Friday, 14 December 2012

Photo shock - jumps were very small

She has just seen the photos from Sunday's show and is aghast to see how small the jumps looked.  She couldn't understand how a professional photographer could take the first fence, which is always small, and then not lie on the ground to take the photos, which always makes the fences look more impressive, as any fule kno. 

She was pleased at my close-up though, as She thought I looked suitably enthusiastic and spirited. 
In spite of my handsomeness and fine style, She is too mean to actually buy any of the photos.
The bad news is that thanks to the foregoing, She has decided that I need to jump bigger jumps and is planning to sneak them up bit by bit.

I am regretting my bravado in the warm up arena and am praying that the height of the jumps will be quickly limited by Her fear of falling off.

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