Sunday, 9 December 2012

My new career

Today I trekked to a jumping competition.  There was a lot of space in the warm up arena so I filled it by galloping about, plunging up and down and making huge leaps over the warm up fences, leaving Her clinging on for dear life and the other competitors scattered into the four corners - tee hee! 
My bravado did rather desert me when it was my turn to go into the indoor school, where there was not much space and lots of jumps crammed into it.  I thought it best to creep cautiously up to each one and then pop over.  I left them all standing, so had to do the jump off when I managed to go faster and came third out of six clears.  I have been here before, so I lined up very neatly for my rosette and tried to look more spirited than last time.  Someone said "I love Braveheart, he is such a dude", I think they were impressed.  Anyway, She was very pleased indeed and I got peppermints as well as a carrot.

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