Sunday, 6 May 2012

Posy has an exciting morning

I knew something was afoot when I was turned out without so much as a trot round the arena, and She spent an hour playing with Posy's mane and making little bobbles with her hair.  Then they went out and returned about three hours later.  Posy had a ribbon dangling from her bridle but said she had no idea how it got there.

Posy did say, though, that she had been to Lidwell where there were lots of horses in a yard, lots of horses in fields, more horses hanging around and then one horse at a time in a sand school.  It was so exciting that she was seized by the urge to rush madly about in random directions.  At one point she found herself in the sand school so rushed about in random directions in there as well.  Posy said she was vaguely aware of her rider  trying to steer her round the school but it really was too exciting to take much notice.

Posy did complain that having discovered an unattended tub of Horselyx outside a stable, she had not been allowed to eat it, which wasn't fair because They were all stuffing their faces with cake. 

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