Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chewy hay

She has negotiated the purchase of some Canadian Orchard grass hay, which the seller assured her contained no timothy, was very cheap and, being two years old, had little food value - an essential part of her plan to make us all slimmer.

She nearly had heart failure when it arrrived as there was so little of it.  She calculated that weight for weight, the expensive rye grass haylage was actually cheaper.  Don't know why She was surprised given that it had come all the way from Canada.

The verdict round the yard is that it is very tasty, if rather chewy.  Then She discovered that 'orchard grass' is cocksfoot, which is one of the grasses which is not so good for me.  I am back on the expensive rye grass haylage, but it does mean that I finish mine long before the others have finished chewing on the Canadian stuff.

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