Monday, 28 May 2012

Poorly me

I was feeling a bit peaky myself this morning, in fact, I didn't even fancy my cornflakes which are normally very delicious.  She said that my temperature was 40.7 C and summoned a vet.  When he arrived, I conjured my most doleful expression so that he would prescribe a lot of time off for me.  I may have overdone it because next thing I was having needles stuck into me.  Not only a couple of injections, but also lots of small needles so that I looked like a porcupine.

She said that these needles Were Doing Me Good and then they took lots of photos.  I am to feature in a magazine illustrating the use of acupuncture in horses.  She said it was because I could be relied upon to stand still during the photo shoot, but I know that I was chosen for my rugged good looks and strong physique.  Being a model is a hard job with lots of standing about in various poses, trying to look ill, yet brave at the same time.  It seemed to take ages.  Then, finally, finally, the vet took the needles away and I was given a week off.  Hurrah!

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