Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Poorly Ponies

When both Posy and Hanuman stand in their stables with their heads down, ignoring all the food around them then there is clearly something wrong.  She flapped about taking their temperatures and I heard her say that Hanuman had a temperature of 40.3 C as she sped past to summon the vet.

The vet duly arrived.  Posy, finding herself with a captive audience, really hammed it up and was the most poorly and pathetic creature you have ever seen.  Posy was much lauded for braving all the injections like a real heroine.
Hanuman was less obliging.  He regards vets as the messengers of Satan who stick pointy needles into you, and he wasn't disappointed.  He takes each needle stab as an assault on his person and was outraged and tried to kick the vet.  I think this was a mistake because he should get the vet on his side in case he needs a sick note one day.  He skulked in the corner of his stable for a few minutes, and then inexplicably started feeling better.

They have a virus that tends to attack young horses which gives them a high fever for a day or two but then they should get better with rest and the help of their medicine.  I hung around fixing the vet with the pathetic look that Posy had used to such great effect, but I was ignored, so no time off for me.

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