Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hanuman update and dressage

She has heard from the Anglo European Studbook who say that Hanuman's DNA test was in order. What exactly happened to the dressage genes is unclear since the little fellow is clearly determined to be an eventer. Tilly denies any responsibility.

Tilly denies any wrongdoing in respect of jumping genes
 Meanwhile, I went to another dressage competition and jolly hard work it was too since I had to walk all the way there.  It was all very worrying, with horses neighing and running around.  The rider of one hyper-anxious horse was only willing to get on once it was safely coralled in the warm up arena with a large man hanging on to it.
I didn't feel able to go forward again but didn't misbehave.  She said it wasn't great but at least She didn't feel suicidal like last time we went. 

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