Monday, 28 November 2011

How many farriers does it take to change a set of shoes?

In my case, the answer is three plus one to operate the computer.

She tells me that my legs are not properly straight and that this is why I have sprouted a curb on one hind leg and a windgall on the other.  Her idea of a cure is to assemble a posse of farriers and an analyst guy with a super slow motion camera and a computer.  They all wore 'Team GBR' jackets with 'World Class' written on the back; She was so impressed She brought out the expensive biscuits.
I had to go up and down the yard while my legs were photographed, then they all went into a huddle. 
Russell of Centaur Biomechanics at his computer
Then they fixed on some radical shoes and I had to go up and down the yard again.  Then they were all congratulating themselves and She seemed very pleased with it all.  

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