Monday, 31 October 2011

Hanuman's Antics

The man has not been to fix my hedgebank excavations, which hasn't been a problem since we just stand on top of the bank to attract Jester's attention as there is a four foot drop the other side.  Young Hanuman, however, dreams of being an eventer and climbed on the bank and leapt down the other side, where he pranced round, hotly pursued by Jester.  
Hanuman refused to come to Tilly's calls, so she braved the descent and went in the field to rescue him.  By this time, She had arrived with two headcollars, although what use She thought two headcollars would be when there were three horses charging around is a mystery.  Hanuman showed no interest in returning home with his mother and Jester was reluctant to give up his new playmate.  Since everyone seemed to be charging round Jester's field, I decided to drop in and join the party.  With four horses galloping around, Her two headcollars proved woefully inadequate. 
Meanwhile, Posy demonstrated that she really is a dressage diva because she just stood on the bank with her knees knocking for fear of jumping down.
Order was finally restored and we were all given to understand that we were Very Naughty Horses, even though Hanuman started it all.  Posy got an apple for being a little goody two shoes and staying put.

We have now been put into a different field, which was yet another excuse for Hanuman to run about.  To show that his dreams of eventing stardom are undiminished, he jumped up a little bank between the trees (see 1:16 in the video clip below).

I don't know where he gets the energy from.

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