Monday, 21 November 2011

I've got rhythm!

She is trying to start Posy off on the Scales of Training and thought it would be fun to use music to help establish Rhythm.  Her video was cut short when, unbeknown to Her, the camera fell off its perch.  When She realised, She made me go round instead.  You will see how carefully I concentrate and show my more advanced training by moving exactly in time.

She has discovered that Posy's musical tastes are very catholic, with a liking for old time music and ballads.  Posy shied and ran away when She played Tinie Tempah. 
Impressed by my own performance, She is now planning a routine for me with music for driving tractors to by Wretch 32.  It's very noisy and would certainly drown out the sound of any engine.

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