Monday, 6 April 2015

Working Equitation again

The riding club held a working equitation party at our place.  Hanuman and Posy were onlookers but I was invited to take part.  

I set off with a stylish trot circle round some barrels
There was one mystery manoeuvre involving a pole which had me flummoxed.  She said it was a side pass that we had successfully practised for a couple of days beforehand, but I have no recollection of any such thing.  My efforts to untie with rope gate with my teeth didn't prove as helpful as I'd hoped, but otherwise, everyone was agreed that I did very well indeed.
I keep a safe distance from the 'bull' but She still manages to spear the ring on top

 Nimbly trotting round cones
The second section was the timed Speed section, so I hurtled round and did a canter weave round the cones of such brilliance that I got a round of applause, which encouraged me to go faster and I did a gigantic leap over the jump.  The only thing that held me up was the mystery manoeuvre, the likes of which I have never done before.
Then there was a prize giving and I had to line up for a ribbon (third) and look responsible and set a good example to Boss, the ex-steeplechaser, who was piaffing at the end of the line.  I got some carrots and She got a chocolate Easter bunny, so everyone was happy.

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