Thursday, 16 April 2015


Much to our irritation Hanuman and I have been shut out of the yard.  We were very frustrated that we couldn't go in for our customary nap, although Posy was there.  Later we realised that Posy wasn't there alone.  There was a new arrival!

This made Hanuman very excited and he ran round and round neighing from the frustration of not being allowed to play with the new wobbly thing.  She claimed that this was making Posy anxious, and we were banished to the bottom field to keep us out of the way.  This enraged Hanuman so much that he jumped back out of the field again.  I am not the athlete I once was and I didn't join him, so She was able to recapture him and put him back in the bottom field once more.  Now we are trying to reconcile ourselves to a life of exile while Posy gets some relaxation.

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