Sunday, 22 March 2015

Richard III

Today, the remains of Richard III have been taken to Leicester cathedral for reburial - a victory for the city of Leicester after a challenge from rival city York; resolved in the High Court fortunately, and not on the battlefield.  As ever, moments of historical significance require horses - and my relations were in evidence throughout.
waiting for the coffin to arrive
Police horses escort the cortege

Richly caparisoned chargers wow the crowds
The procession on its way to the Cathedral
The chargers stood guard outside the cathedral...

These are clearly my relatives, notice how steady they are and have absorbed the gravity of the whole situation.  Posy's relatives would have shied at people throwing white roses and would have been prancing and standing on their hind legs and making a spectacle of themselves outside the cathedral.
The marvel of this whole thing is that the discovery of his remains were due to a woman with a romantic obsession with Richard III who had a goose bump moment and had convinced herself that his remains lay in a car park under the letter 'R' in 'PARKING'.  Whilst clearly barking mad, she persuaded Leicester University to excavate there and to worldwide incredulity - she was right!  You couldn't make it up.
In a bizarre twist to the whole affair, Richard III is sending tweets from inside his coffin...

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