Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Ride

On Sunday I was chosen to go on the riding club Easter Ride and I had great fun.  I quickly slotted in behind my new best friend, Max, and set a good example to the rest behind me.  In the woods I showed them all how to make majestic leaps over tree trunks.
I size up the jump ahead
At one point we set off for a canter but Max was very fast and the only way I could keep up was to charge along at a gallop.  Max's rider seemed to have a poor grip of the laws of physics, which state:
           Mass   x   Velocity   =   Unstoppable Momentum
Max's rider slowed without considering the stopping distance required by a horse of my mass, so, as there were no warning brake lights or hand signals given, suddenly I found myself crashing into the back of Max.
Anyway, order was quickly restored and soon afterwards my finely honed detection skills alerted me to the presence of a pile of treats and I managed to stuff quite a few carrots into my mouth before the others arrived to demand a share.  The riders were happy filling their faces with chocolate, except for one small girl who was chewing a carrot.  That should not be allowed.
Anyway, we carried them and the extra calories back safely, only to find that the riders could claim yet more chocolate.

I had a well deserved day off yesterday, but today, I was woken from my nap in the stable and had to have a dressage lesson because Posy had a sore foot.  I puffed my way through all the exercises and won much praise for my simple changes and counter canter produced at such short notice.  I need to have a lie down now.

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