Friday, 18 April 2014

Not-so-Good Friday

Today being a Bank Holiday, She thought it would be the ideal time to introduce Hanuman to walking quietly round the arena with a rider on his back.  The arena is next to a road, so She figured that a Bank Holiday would be ideal as there would be only light traffic and nothing to scare him.  As is usual with these things, the plan didn't match reality.  Hanuman was being very good until a clanking vehicle gave him a fright and he bolted.  
Her valiant efforts to steer him to the safety of the yard failed and She impaled Herself on the gatepost.  At first She seemed to be just crumpled on the floor, groaning, but then lay motionless for several minutes.  We became quite worried about who was going to let us out of the stables and give us food in future.

Finally, She came to, just as an anxious passer-by enquired about Her welfare.  We think She is concussed because She got back on Hanuman and rode him into the arena again (although we did note that She didn't stray too far down this time).  Hanuman had forgotten about the whole incident, although, judging by the limping, we don't think She will forget it quite so soon.

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